Highlights of the Heartfelt™ Memory Care Program:

Admission Assessment

An in-depth, 3-stage admission assessment enables staff to develop personalized care plans and place residents in a Neighborhood.

Neighborhood Design

Residents are placed in Neighborhoods based on their level of cognitive ability, which improves care and resident satisfaction.

Aging in Place

Residents are moved from Neighborhoods with basic to advanced care as their disease progresses. By offering a continuum of care in the same facility, residents can age in place.

Science-Based Programming

The Heartfelt™ Memory Care Program is based on over a decade of research and is continuously improved as new research is published.

Person-Centered Care

Programming is flexible to accommodate the personal choices and needs of each resident and their family.

Skilled Staffing and Training

Rigorous training program ensures that all staff members are experts in providing person-centered dementia care.

Home-Like Atmosphere

Warm interior décor with pet-friendly policies and home-cooked meals. Flexible sleeping, eating and bathing schedules.

Partnership Opportunity

Sussex is expanding quickly across North America with plans to build 15 retirement residences in the next 5 years. If you are an experienced seniors housing developer or facility operator, please contact us using our contact form or by emailing [email protected]